Hướng dẫn setup wordpress trên LocalHost

Mục lục1 CÁC BƯỚC CÀI ĐẶT WORDPRESS TRÊN LOCALHOST1.1 Bước 1. Tải mã nguồn từ website WordPress.org1.2 Bước 2. Copy mã nguồn WordPress vào Localhost1.3 Bước 3. Tạo mới một database1.4 Bước 4. Chạy website để cài đặt CÁC BƯỚC CÀI ĐẶT WORDPRESS TRÊN LOCALHOST Bước 1. Tải mã nguồn […]

The Ultimate Database of Customer Service Quotes

Everything that makes webpages feel rich – pictures, videos, music, documents – can feel right at home in WordPress. With a drag-and-drop file uploader that uses the latest technology to ensure your file effortlessly makes it to the web page every time, and a media browser to help you store, organize and find the files you’re looking for.

10 Ways to Convert Customers with Psychology

WordPress has killer search baked in. Every word you write is fully searchable through a single box at the top of each page and if your users choose to use an external search engine like Google, rest assured, WordPress will present your content in a way that all but ensures it makes it to the top of the results every time.